It is the first time in Mercy Housing history that their offices have been picketed by their own tenants

Pastor Yul Dorn of Emmanuel COGIC and SF Sheriff's Office chaplain pledges support for Midtown tenants

Allen Benjamin from the San Francisco Labor Council spoke about labor’s failure to act against mass displacement in the 1960s and 1970s, a mistake that he says will not be repeated today. “The Labor Movement fell asleep at the wheel, but finally we have a challenge …

“We want to see labor stand with Black Lives Matter, because Black homes matter.” Action followed swiftly in the evening when San Francisco Labor Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of the Midtown tenants calling for an immediate action of contacting the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor’s Office of Housing.

Tenants at Midtown complain that Mercy Housing has done everything in its power to drive out long-time residents. They claim that Mercy is attempting to do this through the implementation of a series of invasive financial background checks, as well a restrictive new lease and discriminatory codes of conduct.

Tenants present at the rally say that they are united in their path towards pursuing ownership of the property. They believe that ownership of their units is the only way that their predominantly African-American community will be able to remain in San Francisco. Midtown residents consider the removal of Mercy to be the first step in restoring control over the future of their homes.

Holding signs that read “#BlackHomesMatter” and “#WeAreTheLast3Percent” (referring to San Francisco’s dwindling Black population), residents protested what they consider Mercy’s harassment and discriminatory treatment of tenants. In attendance were representatives from housing groups and labor coalitions as well as neighborhood faith leaders.

On Dec. 14, 30 residents of the Midtown Park Apartments in the Fillmore-Western Addition, along with dozens of community supporters, picketed the San Francisco offices of Mercy Housing to demand Mercy’s removal as its property manager. Midtown tenants also formally announced the filing of a legal writ challenging a recent ruling by the San Francisco Rent Board that Midtown does not qualify for rent control.

Mercy currently holds the lease, awarded to them by the Mayor’s Office of Housing, to manage the City-owned Midtown. It is the first time that the national affordable housing non-profit has been picketed by its own tenants in San Francisco. Many tenants question the circumstances under which Mercy was awarded the contract and point to alleged harassment and mismanagement under its tenure.

Midtown tenant Donald Grieggs took the loudspeaker to say, “We are here to let Mercy know that we aren’t going to stand for it. We are going to be owners of our homes. We are here to say that if the Midtown property isn’t being given to us, it’s being stolen from us. This is outright thievery.”

Midtown Park Apartments was originally created as relocation housing for African-American tenants and homeowners who had lost their homes during San Francisco’s Civic Redevelopment in the 1960s. At that time, over 10,000 Fillmore-Western residents were displaced from the neighborhood when more than 100 city blocks were demolished and relocation housing ultimately proved to be insufficient.

Donald Griggs adresses the press outside of  Mercy California office

​Historic Lawsuit Alleges Negligence, Deadbeat Landlord Abuses By Property Manager Mercy california As Western Addition Tenants Seek to Halt Mass Displacement.

Faith leaders call on Mercy California to not stand in the way of Midtown tenant's right of self-determination

Tenants allege that the City awarded the lease to Mercy Housing just as decades-long talks about tenant ownership had been advancing in good faith, in what one tenant at the rally referred to as a “sweetheart deal.” Doug Shoemaker, the president of Mercy Housing California, was formerly the director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing; he was granted an exception by the San Francisco Ethics Commission to take the position at Mercy. Tenants want Mercy Housing to recuse itself from its position as manager and operator at Midtown, to withdraw its proposal for plans to demolish buildings on the Midtown property, and for the City to restore direct oversight and control to Midtown’s tenants.

Union representatives from UESF and San Francisco Labor Council support Midtown tenants